„Every child has the right to have the best teacher,

to have the most efficient method and the best circumstances

that is beneficial for him in the school and in his studies;

and in the process of becoming a human caracter.”

/Zoltan Kodaly/


The Zoltan Kodaly Primary, Secondary and Music School, has been honoured with the Award of the Hungarian Heritage and with the Prize for the Hungarian Art Education. This high-class Institute of Primary Art Education is located in the second district in a historic building, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century. The image of our school is characterised by a complex musical education within an institute of multiple goals.

 In our fast-paced and empty world, our school belongs to one of those institutes that are trying to keep the musical and pedagogic traditions marked by Zoltan Kodaly, with the primary purpose of creating emotional intelligence through the artistic education. The reason for the existence of this method is proven by those great accomplishments, which have been achieved by our choirs, and students who learn on instruments, enhancing the reputation of our school both in the country, and abroad as well.

 In order to compete with the challenges of our century, we are trying to live up to a high standard of education in the general subjects as well as making sure that we are providing the best general knowledge for our students. The secret to our success lies in the professional expertise, and it is also proven by achievements, which have been gained nationwide as well as internationally. 

 Our institute of 13 classes includes the Hungarian Radio Children’s Choir, which was awarded with the prize of Bartok - Pasztory, and in here everyone can find his own place and potential that lies in his individuality. Our prestigious orchestra and widely-travelled choirs are waiting for those talented applicants, who could become valued members of our community.

 In classes of our primary school, reading and writing are taught with a traditional syllabic-analytic method. Our students have the chance to study English or German from the first grade, and Information Technology from the third grade. We have also included the art of movement and folklore dance into our pedagogic program. Some of our classes can provide students with the system of a day-care facility, which means that students do all their homework within the school during study time. The works of the study groups are displayed in our “music clubs”, theaters and in the „mini-gallery” of the school.

  For our senior students, we organize different programs that care for their talents.

We give the opportunity to take successful Matura exams at both intermediate and higher levels in advanced or when they are due. Moreover, the ECDL computer exam is also popular among the students. Most of our graduate students continue their studies in tertiary education at the most famous universities and colleges around the country.

Our foreign exchange programmes, and travellings with the choir can provide language practice for our students.

 In our music school, students can study instrumental music in 8 different departments. We also prepare the talented students in “Class B” for a musical career.

 It is the tradition of the Kodaly school, that twice a year we organize concerts in the Matthias Church at Christmas and in the Great Hall of the Music Academy at the end of the school year. During the reconstructions, the concerts are hosted by the St. Stephen's Basilica and the Budapest Operett Theatre.

 The so-called “Kodaly Days” is also a remarkable musical event in every school year, with the contribution of many guests and fellow artists. Other than keeping our traditions, we put a lot of emphasis on creating new ones as well. Traditions like our kindergarten classes, where our would-be students and their parents can get an idea about the values and mentality of our school through musical games and songs. The concerts, which we organize for the kindergarten students are meant to serve the same purpose. The Budapest Music Festival for Kindergarten students are organized by our institute year by year. We have series of subscription concerts in our Kodaly Hall where our students can also have the chance to perform every single year.

 Our beautiful library with a wide selection of books, the nice and spacious school gym and sport field offer the opportunity of spending free time in a pleasant way. The modern technological tools (like the interactive white board) and the well-equipped computer classrooms with Internet access help the communication trainings that are suitable for the expectations of the 21st century.

Őri Csilla



1022 Budapest, Marczibányi tér 1.

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